Who We Serve:

We serve the special needs pediatric
population who demonstrate, through a
doctors prescription, the need for therapy

Our Mission:

Boulder Mountain Therapy is a agency made
up of expert pediatric therapists serving the
special needs population by providing
therapies which empower the special needs
population to break through physical,
cognitive and emotional barriers using a
unique collaboration of therapy disciplines
within Arizona's "Valley of the Sun."

We are a collaborative team of expert
pediatric therapists and professionals
dedicated to, and advocating for, the special
needs of children and their families. We
promote and support acceptance by creating
an environment that enables the child to
function as an integral part of the community.

We accomplish this through evaluation,
treatment, education and coordination of
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Who We Are:

Jann Goodman

President, Boulder Mountain Therapy, Hippotherapy
Clinical Specialist.

Our Therapists

Our Professional team of contract therapists are
licensed in the State of Arizona. Therapists
performing Hippotherapy are all AHA certified, which
is required to understand the proper use of the

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